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Soul Fantasy. Sunday, March 22, Announcement. Hello my friends, we are staying home to protect ourselves and our loved ones and trying to have a good time through activities and things we like Posted by Souldennis at PM No comments:. Sunday, March 15, Announcement. Hello my friends, due to the coronavirus situation, we should all try to stay home as much as possible. For this reason, I will not present my show this Sunday.

Posted by Souldennis at AM No comments:. He will appear at jazz club Gazarte, in Athens. For this reason, I will present you 3 tracks by Maceo Parker. Finally, I will play an ultra rare 45 and it is dedicated to all the listeners of my broadcast.

I'll be glad to see you on air. Sunday, March 1, Announcement. Hello my friends, I will not present my show due to some family obligations. Thank you for your understanding.

blogspot rare soul

Hello my friends, tomorrow Sunday I will have the pleasure to present you as usual songs from soul, jazz and blues music scenes. I will also present you a few songs by the actress and singer Ja'Net Dubois as a tribute due to the fact that she passed away on February 18th. Hello my friends, I'll be on air in about 6 hours. I will have the pleasure to present you songs from Soul, Jazz and Beach Music scenes. For this reason, I'm not presenting my show today. You can check the program of the broadcasts.

Older Posts Home.I've professed my adoration for the songwriting partnership of Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, so let's start with a look at Miami's Paul Kellywho came up among their ranks before moving on to bigger and better things career wise.

His brief brushes with success were mostly under the Warner Bros. Kelly's skepticism was equally rivaled by his wit, proving for an impressive number of provocative songs scattered throughout his career. A top notch songwriter whose recordings retained a consistent southern country styling, regardless of who he worked with. I certainly hope you all enjoyed this month's master class collections, without becoming accustomed to the breadth and scope of the presentation of course.

On that note, I'll be avoiding really big collections for the foreseeable future as bandwith is limited given our current state of affairs. Smaller collections suit next month's Southern Soul theme just fine anyhow.

But before any of that, dig into the latest edition of Darling Dear. While the one true king of soul can still be debatable to this day, there's definitely no question as to who was queen. Soulstress supreme, Aretha Franklin was already being referred to as soul music royalty while Cooke was still breaking through to the mainstream and Redding was still wet behind the ears.

Her incredibly consistent, successful and influential career span over five decades, inspired millions of listeners and musicians alike, and earned our highness enough honors, awards, accolades and achievements to fill a deluxe-sized tour bus, or two. Her talent was immense and diversity limitless -- gospel, rhythm n blues, hard bop, jazz, blues, pop, northern soul, southern soul and just about everything else under the sun.

She is the most charted female artist in history. Franklin received numerous honors throughout her career. Inshe became the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

An important message for our visitors I suspect this is the handy work of the same turd that's been tearing apart similar blogs, in similar fashion -- 'funkmysoul' being a recent victim of this BS. Your grand gesture is a brief annoyance at best, you must be so proud. I don't even track my links, it was brought to my attention via various requests which leads me to important part of the message I may etch out a monthly or bi-weekly day for re-ups moving forward but if this "attack" persists, my best advice to visitors is to be diligent.

I post quite consistently -- subscribe, follow, check in frequently and get the links before they're gone. Please keep in mind, this is not a web service of infinite resource, just a passion project I'd like to see continue. And on that note, enough chit chat! Here's another bad-ass installment of impassioned soul balladry! Upon Sam's tragic passing, the heir to the throne was pretty apparent.


Let's face it, in both how he carried and conducted himself, that man was gangster AF! Back to the Big O and the big shoes he not only filled, but wore a few holes of his own in.

Heavily influenced by Cooke and the mighty Little Richard as Redding's early recordings greatly reflectand using their same simple blueprint he produced some of the most emotive recordings under the sun. Otis had a strong sense of rhythm and was able to work out unique and somewhat complicated horn charts in his head.Ahh yeah Carnal This definently a badd azz drop There are some tight cutz on this comp Gracias for sharing This is still for sale Show some love familia for this drop There's nothing like a smooth ride to start a weekend.

Thanks Brownboy, just what I needed. Qvo Brownboy, a firme post carnal. Thanks for thinkin' of us when you came across this from one of your homiez. Oh yeah sweet one, one of my Easter Bunny's dropped this off in my basket too Nice share Brownboy. Qvo Brownboy, firme drop carnal, sweet tracks can't wait to listen to this on the way home gracias.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Thursday, November 7, Mes'ay. InMes'ay released their first single "Ain't That Peculiar" which didn't appear to make the Billboard charts at all.

Posted by Kyleigh at PM 2 comments:. Labels: 90'sdance. Lori Mitchell. Posted by Kyleigh at PM No comments:. Marc Sadane. Posted by Kyleigh at PM 1 comment:. Saturday, October 26, Yours Truly. Posted by Kyleigh at AM No comments:. The Michigan Man. Labels: 90'ship-hoprap. Posted by Kyleigh at AM 1 comment:. Saturday, October 12, Split Image. Southsyde B. Friday, October 4, Vanessa-Mae. Human rights groups urged the celebrities to cancel their appearances of because of human right abuses carried out under Kadyrov and were criticised by them for attending the event.

The celebrities apologized and donated their fees to charity, but Vanessa-Mae has not done that. These days, Vanessa-Mae has taken up alpine skiing. She had been skiing since she was 4 years old and wanted to compete in the Olympics since she was 14 years old.

She attempted to represent Thailand in the Winter Olympics, but she was unable to do so because the Thai Olympic Committee requested that Vanessa-Mae give up her British citizenship which she wasn't ready to do. InVanessa-Mae took up residence in the alpine resort of Zermatt and began training competitively in During that same year, she was later banned from skiing because a qualifying race for her benefit was allegedly corrupt, but in June ofthe ban was nullified by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, citing lack of evidence for her own wrongdoing or any manipulation.

As for her music career, i t's unknown whether or not Vanessa-Mae plans on releasing another album anytime soon. Labels: 90'sclassicaldancepoptechno. Older Posts Home.


Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Diamond Wedding Bands. Donate No amount is too big or too small. Any donation is appreciated. Why Not? It helps the blog survive! Saturday, September 30, Shirley Murdock Discography.

blogspot rare soul

Shirley Murdock Shirley Murdock! Posted by Gildog at AM comments: Links to this post. Labels: Shirley Murdock. Friday, April 7, Paul Hardcastle. He first worked in a hi-fi shop and developed an interest in electronics in his teens.


The latter was released on the Bluebird label in the UK, and became a big club hit in America on the Profile Records label.

The single went to number 1 in 13 countries, including his native England, and received the Ivor Novello award for The Bestselling Single Of The latter showcases his preference for smooth jazz grooves, and is particularly popular in the USA and Japan.

He is also founder of the labels Fast Forward and Hardcastle Records, and has written the theme music to two BBC nature series, Supersense and its sequel, Lifesense, and contributed to the soundtrack of Spiceworld - The Movie and the S Club 7 television series.

blogspot rare soul

Album: Daybreak Daybreak I Don't Care Don't Be Mistaken Explain The Reasons Wish You Were Here Time Machine She's A Mystery Stop The Clock Forest Fire Panic Rainforrest Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will.

We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much. Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters. One of the great forgotten sounds of mids Funk was the Washington D. Though best later known…. Diana Ross is an iconic superstar. This album, originally released in when Diana was 29 and at the height of her popularity is one of the most cohesive of her career.

The title track was her 2nd solo No1 in the US and came…. Looking at the credits,…. The band is still in fine fine form, with none of the fast-funk or proto-disco of some later recordings…. A very nice mix of Southern soul with a splash of smooth soul and funk here from Miami soul singer, Betty Wright. Leon Haywood came from Houston. He was born there in and he was already playing the piano by the age of three.

Haywood started playing in bands when he was a teenager. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, where he began to work with…. Killer southern soul album. Born in Miami, Florida, Cheeks is the daughter of gospel legend Rev. Julius Cheeks. Cheeks moved to Germany in and…. A really touching material and performance. An underrated album, I would say. From the suspenseful, interlude-like intro to the adamant vocal delivery, the single had…. I love old Atlantic Records, the quality of the covers, the thickness of the vinyl.

This album is mostly covers of top hits circa Rare Disco. Our Vision Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will. Our Passion We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Latest Albums with reviews. Latest Albums without reviews. Hope everyone is keep well. Thanks in advance. Moo Friday, Apr Should be around 90 MB. Mail will not be published but it's used for avatar.WTF This is for tracking updates at other blogs, most recent posts are at the top. My actual blog is Never Enough Rhodes. Funk my Soul. Funkytown Eklablog. Blaxploitation Pride.

HORO Records. Muse Revisited. Eclectic Grooves. Music is the Balm We Need in Times of Uncertainty - I realized that the last time I posted was exactly three months ago, so it's somewhat serendipitous that I decided to post today.

I have been teleworking t Starving Daughter's Vinyl Impressions. Flabbergasted Vibes. The Vinyl Frontier. Different Perspectives In My Room! Vinil Inflamable. Milk Crate Breaks. Stereo Candies. Raider of the Lost Ark. Van Groove Express. Hoochie Coochie Presents Jazz. Zona de Jazz. Sic Vos Non Vobis. Sic vos non vobis is comeback Library Music Archives. Please allow me to apologise for my absence.

Dusty Shelf. The Boogieman will get ya!

Rare Soul Samples Pack Vol 1 | Dope Sample Chops (Free Download)

El Reza. A Secret History of a Musick Yet To Be Readable - In July, a bulletin on the myspace page of a group of Moroccan musicians sent my mind wandering down some strange paths, got me thinking about music as a t Scenery Mixes.

J Thyme Brazilian Nuggets.

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