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Fk8 sequential gearbox

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Please contact us for availability. Quaife are proud to announce the arrival of a brand new sequential gearkit fitment for the new Honda Civic Type R FK2.

Designed and manufactured in-house at our Sevenoaks, Kent facility, the QKE10J 6-speed sequential gearkit retains the original bellhousing side of the FK2 gearbox, with a Quaife manufactured alloy transmission casing, which retains the original mounting points and driveshafts, and incorporates Quaife's state-of-the-art sequential gear change mechanism that means it is impossible to mis-shift with ultra-fast shifting.

Alongside the standard straight gear cut, a helical option is avaliable for road and track day use. This gearkit will require a specialist transmission builder to install, and standard parts from the original gearbox are retained.

Gear Ratios: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 2.

The Pros And Cons Of A Sequential Gearbox

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First Prev 31 of 33 Go to page. TypeSiR Senior Member. Really sad to learn about the issues. If it doesn't respond the right way, move on. I believe giving it more time and not enjoying the result isn't worth it, IMO.

Find something that brings the joy back. Good luck! Lust Senior Member. Will, I cannot believe your luck with this car.

Its been quite a saga for you. I hope this fix will work out for you.Log in. Register now. Forgot Password? Contact Us to place an order for this product Product Information Responding to requests from numerous customers for a stronger, high performance, affordable gearbox solution for the popular Honda Civic Type R, transmission specialist Quaife Engineering has launched an innovative 5-speed sequential gear kit for the EP3, FN2, DC5 and FD2 versions of the car.

The gear kit is a direct replacement for the standard six-speed H-pattern Honda transmission. Designed to overcome the performance and road gearing compromises of the stock six-speed synchromesh gearbox, the gear kit converts the factory Honda transmission into a faster shifting five-speed, dog engagement sequential unit featuring wider, stronger, close-ratio gears, ideally suited to the rigours of circuit racing, drag, rally and track day use.

The outer gearbox case incorporates an additional support bearing between 4th and 5th gear. By comparison, the original Honda design relies on bearing supports located at either end of the gearbox shafts — a potential weak point, particularly for cars running highly tuned K20A engines.

The main advantage of this layout is that it allows for an easy installation into the EP3, FN2, DC5, FD2 models without extensive additional modifications. Wide straight cut spur close-ratio gears minimise transmission losses and offer a choice of rally, race or drag race gearing.

There is also the choice of a helical gear set for road and track day applications, and the gear kit comes supplied with a floor mounted gear lever and gearshift cable. An LED digital gear position indicator is also available as an optional cost extra.

Having been involved with this innovative gear kit from its early inception, and then fitting and testing the very first kit to our own shop vehicle CPL Racing can confirm that this gear kit makes an outstanding addition to owners of any K20 powered vehicle who are looking for serious performance and reliability. CPL Racing has successfully interfaced the gear kit with the highly popular Hondata engine management systems as well as other engine management systems to allow near seamless full throttle shifts.

If in doubt please email us.

FWD Sequentials – Honda

CPL Racing. This product is not available to order online. Contact Us to place an order for this product. Product Information Responding to requests from numerous customers for a stronger, high performance, affordable gearbox solution for the popular Honda Civic Type R, transmission specialist Quaife Engineering has launched an innovative 5-speed sequential gear kit for the EP3, FN2, DC5 and FD2 versions of the car.

Share this product. More From Quaife. Contact Us. More In This Category. Why shop with us? Shop Now. Longest serving official Hondata dealer in Europe On site dedicated electronics engineer Quickest turnaround times Technical support All Hondata products stocked Full on-site dyno tuning service ECU testing.Ah, the sequential gearbox—which for many of us is somewhat mysterious.

Used in high performance road and track vehicles, the sequential gearbox allows for lightning quick shifts and helps drop lap times. To fully understand the pros and cons of running a sequential gear box, we must first understand how they work.

fk8 sequential gearbox

You start off with power coming from the engine, which then goes though a clutch—pretty standard so far. From there, the engine spins the chosen gear, and power makes its way to the wheels.

This is pretty much it though, as how the gears are chosen is completely different. Essentially, depending on how the selector shaft is rotated, the gear selector fork is moved left or right and the desired gear is then chosen. Controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic actuators which turns a gear on the end of the selector shaft, which rotates the selector shaft left or right which then meshes the fork with the desired gear.

It sounds complicated, but when you watch the video it begins to all makes sense. Now, due to the design and name of a sequential transmission, you might guess that gears are chosen sequentially-and you are absolutely right.

However, that can be both a pro and a con, so lets dive in and see what thoughts Car Throttle has on this. Lets start off with the positive side of things, of why the sequential gearbox is awesome to have.

Since there is a selector shaft, the need for a clutch is non existent, except for selecting first gear. This does a couple things for you—first off, it makes driving easier since you can focus on driving, and not shifting.

Additionally, because the clutch is not needed, you can shift faster which will help on the road course since you spend more time accelerating and hardly any time shifting. Now on to gear jumping and skipping gears. With steering wheel mounted paddles, the driver can keep their hands on the wheel at all times, instead of needing to remove one hand to grab the next gear.

Sounds like everything is great, right? There are some downsides to the sequential transmission as well. They are expensive. The example they use is the NA Miata.

Twelve thousand! Considering you can buy a decent NA Miata for about two thousand, costs are quite high. Plus, this example is just an older more basic car. Need something for a newer platform or that requires more power capability? Expect to pay a lot. Frequently associated with sequential transmissions is the whine produced from the gears, and many gear heads enjoy the sound. Following up on that note, they do redeem themselves somewhat.

Sequential transmissions can be clunky and not very smooth to drive around town or at low speeds. Well that is something which is good and bad. Now this next one we can get behind. Using a sequential transmission can in a way, take away from the overall experience of driving that you get with a standard manual transmission.

Rowing through gears and nailing heel toe downshifts is infinitely rewarding, and something that just makes you feel good.

PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

They offer lightning fast shifts, amazing sound, and incredible performance. There is a reason that we find them in all aspects of motorsports. However, due to the high costs associated, most of us are left rowing our own gears with a standard manual transmission, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that!

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About Us Sponsors Advertising.Quaife high performance transmission products are designed to deliver increased performance and durability for fast road, track day, motorsport and off road activity. Our products are the result of meticulous 3D FEA design, careful materials selection, accurate machining, stringent quality control and a wealth of drivetrain expertise and experience.

The Quaife range of products includes the ATB helical gear limited slip differential, which is designed to improve the traction of any front, rear or four-wheel drive car. Quaife gearkits feature high strength motorsport optimised close ratio gears, with outstanding durability and performance for motorsport, fast road and trackday use.

Synchromesh and dog engagement versions are available, as is a choice of final drive ratios, with fitments covering Alfa Romeo to Volvo. Designed to transmit higher torque loadings than road going transmissions, Quaife motorsport gearboxes incorporate technical advantages including close ratio gears and lightweight, high-strength casings. They install easily via a range of bellhousings for popular engines where required. In-line, front wheel drive, four-wheel drive and transaxle variants are available; many with a choice of motorsport or fast road suited ratios.

Customers have the option of either helical format or straight-cut spur gears, with either synchromesh or dog engagement depending on requirements.

The Quaife sequential gearboxes offer the ultimate in performance drivetrain technology. Quaife invites you to discover more below, or for personalised product selection advice, please contact our Technical Sales Team.

Quaife motorsport gearboxes are proven globally to deliver robust transmission excellence, season after season. Freed from the compromises of everyday road use, Quaife's range of advanced, heavy duty replacement motorsport gearboxes incorporate innovative technology to deliver real performance benefits.

When a production based car or motorcycle is subjected to competition, fast road, or trackday use, the reliability and performance compromises of a standard manufacturer's gearbox can swiftly be exposed. A range that is constantly expanding to cater for a growing racing community taking part in many different forms of motorsport disciplines all around the world, Quaife are the trusted manufacturer of reliable, race-winning performance sequential gearkits.

Numerous Daytona and Isle of Man successes followed, and now over 50 years later, Quaife is still manufacturing and developing high strength five and six-speed close ratio gearkits for a wide range of classic British and Japanese motorcycles. Motorcycle engined vehicles offer an opportunity for vastly increased performance compared to a conventional automobile powerplant, but also presents numerous drivetrain problems.

The Quaife motorsport steering rack range offers a precision engineered upgrade for many popular motorsport saloon and single seater applications. Compared to the standard production steering item, the Quaife motorsport steering rack uses a higher ratio, drastically reducing the amount of driver wheel input for a given manoeuvre, increasing control and minimising driver fatigue.

Quaife offers a portfolio of axle and differential upgrades for rear wheel drive Ford applications, designed to enhance performance and durability. Lighter, stronger than the originals and engineered to maximise the potential of the ATB differential, these components combine the precision manufacturing, superior materials and innovative design you would expect from a Quaife product, resulting in numerous performance and reliability benefits.

Halfshafts are often overlooked during the build of any rear wheel drive competition car, but the breakage of a standard component can have serious effects, beyond the frustration and inconvenience of a non-finish.

The correct selection of uprated replacement halfshafts greatly improves failure resistance, hence why Quaife offers a large range of stronger, larger diameter two piece halfshafts, which are precision manufactured from specially selected high tensile alloy steel billets to suit popular Ford English and Atlas applications.

Read More. Quaife Motorsport Gearboxes Quaife motorsport gearboxes are proven globally to deliver robust transmission excellence, season after season. Quaife Motorsport Gearkits When a production based car or motorcycle is subjected to competition, fast road, or trackday use, the reliability and performance compromises of a standard manufacturer's gearbox can swiftly be exposed.

Motorcycle Engined Vehicles Motorcycle engined vehicles offer an opportunity for vastly increased performance compared to a conventional automobile powerplant, but also presents numerous drivetrain problems.The Type R TC is designed as a turn-key solution for professional racers, and for skilled Type R enthusiasts who wish to transition from track time in a stock Type R to a fully built race car.

The complete TC Type R spec sheet can be downloaded here. The Type R TC retains the stock vehicle's exterior sheet metal, but adds racing components developed in-house and in partnership with select suppliers to build a ready-to-race vehicle that saves racers the time and money of doing it themselves. In addition to a fully outfitted race car, HPD supports all of its racing customers with trackside factory engineering and parts support, and an exclusive technical support line that can connect racing customers directly with HPD engineers when they're not at the track.

No strangers to Civic racing, L. With our veteran team and competitive race cars, we expect to challenge the front-runners in ," said Mario Biundo, President, L. Honda World Racing. We plan on making an even more successful year for Honda and L. Honda World Racing in both series. While all three vehicles are based on showroom-stock counterparts, they also feature distinct modifications to allow them to compete successfully in a wide variety of touring car race series in the U.

With significant modifications including an SRO-homologated roll cage and competition-specific suspension, electronics, and brake components, the Civic Si TCA race car is an affordable way to begin racing in Touring Car Americas competition. Designed for worldwide TCR-class competition, the Type R TCR features special body work, a seam-welded body, a sequential transmission, and additional high-end racing modifications for the ultimate in Civic Pro Racing competition.

A wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co. Honda Performance Development offers parts and race support to Honda and Acura grassroots motorsports racers, and is expanding support of racing series and programs that make Honda racing products available to all racing styles, from karting and Quarter Midgets to the highest levels of pro racing.

Learn more at hpd. Kevin Boehm wins TCA championship after winning six of last eight races. Honda-powered machines blew the doors to victory wide open at Road America. Password Forgot password. Sign in.

TURBO Honda Civic Type R EP3 with Quaife 6-Speed Sequential ONBOARD @ Track!

Account FAQS learn about membership. Sign in or learn more about membership. Related Content. Civic Si TCA. Type R TC. Type R TCR. Price for eligible Honda Racing Line members. High performance radiator, oil cooler and intercooler Ducting for engine, radiator, and intercooler. Direct injected, octane unleaded race fuel.

fk8 sequential gearbox

Competition stainless exhaust with racing-grade catalytic converter. Electric power steering with heavy-duty arms Heavy-duty ball joints on front lower wishbone Multifunction quick disconnect wheel.The pathway to the X Shift brand was preceded by a relatively long and winding history, which was permanently straightened out a few years ago.

Beginnings are never easy but lack of racing gearboxes at that time was forcing drivers and race teams to look for handy engineers and machinists, who would design and manufacture gearboxes or differentials to their race cars, according to their high requirements on quality, shifting speed with accuracy and endurance.

The brand was continuously developing and reached worldwide success. Eventually companions did not reach consensus in future direction of the company and each of them went their own way. KAPS Transmissions brand has been declining due to the dispute. Therefore, he established his own trademark X Shift Gearboxes and started to focus only on his production company and trademark X Shift Gearboxes.

Over the last 2 years, X Shift has grown and achieved many successes. As a huge progress we consider overall grow of the company in terms of new machines and highly qualified employees to be able to cover higher production requirements. A huge benefit is that the company was lucky to have motorsport enthusiasts among all employees.

fk8 sequential gearbox

This all allows us to cover high requirements on production and quality. Hundreds of racers run our gearboxes all around the world. This cooperation has brought us to mutual symbiosis thanks which both parties are making great progresses in terms of setting and optimizing of racing vehicles and gear ratios, worldwide promotion of PROTO cars et cetera.

We are extremely proud to be the first supplier of sequential gearboxes to PROTO cars in the Czech Republic and to the cooperation with new partners with whom we build race cars and run X Shift Racing Team.

We always work hard to improve and develop as much as possible and continue to design some cool products. World wide dealers network. About us. Cooperation with Evolve Motorsport. Autocross Casalboni. Rally Liburna Terra Wieliczka Vipavska dolina Universal Sequential Gearboxes. Carbon fiber sequential gear lever. Professional Wiring Harness Loom. Motorcycle Engined Vehicles Axle Unit.

Subaru RWD Conversion spool. Sequential Gear Levers. Performance Porducts. Performance parts. CNC Production. Quality Control. Suface Finishing. Heat Treatment. We accept

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