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Sensei timothy richmond

Traditional Martial Arts for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. A variety of classes, taught by experienced, professional instructors, each specialized and officially ranked in their respective arts. Gift certificates for any of the arts offered by the Defense Arts Center are available to give as presents to friends and family.

sensei timothy richmond

For additional information or questions feel free to call Sensei Ty Aponte at Visitors welcome! We have frequent special training events, seminars, and get togethers. Visit our Special Events page! Our chief instructors are all dedicated, experienced, down to earth, and passionate about what they do. Each can trace their lineage in a direct line to the founders of their Traditional Martial Art. Shotokan Karatedo - Sensei Ty Aponte.

Okinawan Kobudo - Sensei Robert Johnson. Japanese Jujustsu - Sensei Ruben Marquez. Aikido - Senseis Eugene and Sandra Morales.

Iaido - Sensei Timothy Richmond. Many of our members have won medals in Local, National and International competitions. We offer morning, day and evening classes, age-appropriate classes, and family classes 7 days a week.

We strive to exemplify and teach strong morals and values such as truth, honor, self-discipline and life skills for all ages. Our dojo teaches no religion of any kind, and we are proud to have a very diverse group of studients, with children and adults from many different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life.

The class began with Sensei Heyman explaining the meaning of Special Trainings:. We hone and polish ourselves, our mentality, and our spirit like the multitudinous folding and pounding out of impurities used in the making of a samurai sword. TyAponte yahoo. Home Why Martial Arts?Aiki Communications Complete schedule for November Pranin Reports on Inauguration of Third Doshu Visit the excellent Aikido FAQ website, complete with visuals.

Reynolds Community College. Witt Sensei discussed the student-teacher relationship, recalling his own tutelage under Morihiro Saito Sensei in Iwama. He recalled how he participated in the translation and production of several of Saito Sensei's books during the early s.

Witt also reviewed the fundamentals of ikkyo and shihonage, demonstrating the techniques from several different attacks. He also covered jo suburi and awase during a Sunday morning session at Bryan Park. It was Witt's fifth visit to Richmond. He'll be returning a sixth time on Oct.

Goju-Ryu Okinawan Karate - Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei (10th dan) - Season 3 Episode 3

Aikido I and II will meet at J. Reynolds on Tuesdays and Thursdays from p. The Aikido Club will continue to meet on Fridays from 5 p. Bryan Park Aikido's outdoor, all-weather Jo and Bokken classes continue year-round on Saturdays from 10 a.

The Fall Semester began August 24 and will continue through December Photo: Dave Spangenthal demonstrates a kokyu nage technique with Gail Argenbright. See complete J. Reynolds Calendar.


Reynolds C. Aiki Communications Syllabus.Add Entry. Tena enjoyed gardening, shopping and eating out. She loved spending time with her family, Vera C. Adkins Colerain Twp. Eunice F. Daughter of the late Victor Beischel and Edith Frey. Passed away on April 14 at the age of April 11, Celebration of Life at future date. Details at www. Patricia "Pat" Biggs.

Christopher G.

Christopher "Chris" G. Blatz Christopher "Chris" G. Blatz beloved husband of Elizabeth A. Marlene Brabender Mt. Healthy - Mrs. Marlene L.


Brabender, age 80, passed away on April 16, Marlene was born in Mt. Margaret died peacefully, surrounded by members of her family. Margaret was born on October 25, to James and Margaret Naylor in Karen was known for always being devoted to her family. She was a loving wife, mom, step-mom, mamaw, sister and friend. Karen always had a smile on her face Joseph Anthony Camara Colerain Twp. Michael "Mike" Chell. JoAnn Childress was a beloved mother, grandmother and friend.

She had a smile that warmed up a room and her kind heart unparalleled. JoAnn graced us with her presence for Tin Lok Chin St. Bernard - Tin Lok Chin, age 92, of St. Bernard, OH passed away peacefully of natural causes April 15, He was predeceased by his wife of over 50 years, Geraldine and his grandson, Brandon Chin. He is survived by his three children; Timothy Deborah Ruby Jewel Clark nee Partin Mt. Carmel - Age 93 www.Develop your physical and mental health, improve your confidence and concentration, inner harmony plus meet new friends by learning a self-defence, non-violent and non-competitive Martial Art and all is core values: Courage, Discipline, Respect, Honour, Loyalty, Honesty, Courage, Leadership, Humbleness This short video shows the "hidden" moves that most people can't see in many Systema videos.

Systema Instructor Vladimir Vasiliev showed some knife fighting techniques. Do you know the differences between System and Krav Maga Knife disarming? His fierce and powerful technique, pressure cooker method of teaching his personal students, and even his generous nature, are well known.

But he was also engaging, charming, and funny. His mannerisms, the way he moved, the way he spoke, his smile and laugh, his expressive eyebrows - all those little things stay with me in my memories of my teacher.

One night during my first year in San Diego, we were still in the Fairmount Dojo, but already knew it was going to be torn down and would be moving to Adams Avenuewe were having a beer or 4 with Sensei after class at a local bar. I looked down from my bar stool to see Chiba Sensei wearing a pair of my shoes.

Timothy Wilson Spencer

At some point, I must have left them in the shoe rack near the dojo back kitchen door. He was wearing them with the backs all smashed down like he often did to his everyday shoes. I must have been staring, because I looked up and saw him looking at me, looking at him wearing my shoes. Sensei, you left your mark in so many ways, and you are still very much missed. We have chosen and incre. Chiba Sensei, interview parts 1 and 2, Old Way, masters and apprentices.

This will be all of this interview that is posted at this time. Tamura Shihan Heritage. Knife Control From the Ground Continuous movement and control at every level.

sensei timothy richmond

Vladimir Vasiliev at the England seminar October Want to see your kids doing this? Never want your children to be bullied? Aikido focus on deterring aggressions without harming your opponents so they can stay out of trouble.

Dealing with bullies. Improve grades. Improve overall performance in all things.Sensei provides information technology to hundreds of businesses locally in the DC Metro area. Sensei provides digital forensics and cybersecurity services nationwide. Sensei strives to provide quality Information Technology support and managed services to businesses in the DC Metro area.

Sensei provides cost-effective virtualization and cloud computing servicessecure backup and monitoring solutionshosted e-mail, spam filteringboth onsite and remote support and supplemental IT support to companies that just wish to have projects completed by experienced and certified IT consultants. Sensei provides Microsoft Financing for larger projects that includes hardware and software purchases as well as consulting hours so that businesses can budget for their IT projects. With our unparalleled reputation for total discretion and extensive experience, you can be assured that your case will be handled with the care and attention it deserves.

We have veteran testifying professionals and highly certified examiners to provide expert testimony. We accept criminal defense work as well as civil matters for your digital forensics and electronic discovery needs. Internet search terms? Perhaps you need a data breach investigated? Sensei Enterprises offers data security and incident response services using certified security professionals with years of industry experience.

Security and network auditsalong with security awareness training for employees, are an important part of any ongoing program of infrastructure maintenance. Let us show you how. Please contact Director of Cybersecurity Michael Maschke at mmaschke senseient. Your Name required. Email Address required. Message required.

Sensei principals are both podcasters for Legal Talk Network. Listen to their podcasts here. Privacy Policy.Thread Title Search. Grapplearts Grappling. I almost always adhere to the rule that 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it'. As a result I get along well with almost everyone in the Greater Vancouver grappling community.

In this case, I will break that rule. Tim Henry is an ass who anyone interested in good training would be well advised to steer clear of. There are so many other good schools in Vancouver Mike Sweeney. I have never heard Stephan say anything bad about anybody. Breaks my heart to say that never again will I be able to use my golden rule, "What would Stephan say I didn't witness anything that demands my own version of Stephan's comment, but there are other schools available in Richmond and Vancouver.

I saw his student running on the wall once, so the could be like ninja's. I have to go with what Stephan Kestings says. It is my obligation as a martial artist to steer you away from anything Tim henry. Blake Fredrickson.

sensei timothy richmond

Lucca Brazzi. He had a stint in Saskatoon as well, alot of issues with the local law enforcement. He like to flash around phoney badges and the like!!

Steer clear!! I do see some of his students there once in awhile.

sensei timothy richmond

I remember one time, that Tim was going around saying that he was a high-brown in GracieJJ, that he went to Rorian's classes etc.A few showers in the evening becoming a steady rain overnight.

Low near 50F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph. Updated: April 19, am. Search for an obituary by typing the name of the deceased and selecting a date range before clicking the search button. He was p…. She was born April 17,in…. She is survived by her son, Bruce Ander…. Remains rest at Mimms Funeral Hom…. Doba's spirit passed peacefully into eternity w…. He was preceded in death b…. Bernard was a longtime member of …. Theresa, age 72, of Richmond, departed this life April 14, She is survive….

She was preceded in death by her h…. She was born in Drumalig, …. She was preceded i…. She …. Funeral homes often submit obituaries as a service to families. However, we are happy to accept submissions from family members pending proper verification of death. For pricing and submission instructions, contact us at or by email.

He was an Army veteran who retired fro…. Chesterfield, Va. Stuart was born….

Richmond Shiai Judo Club

Dan was b…. Surviving are her partner of l…. Gloria, age 81, of Richmond, departed this life April 13, She is survived…. Remains rest at Joseph Je…. HOWE, Mr. Murrill Norton Jr. He was preceded in death by h…. She was preceded…. She w…. She thought s…. He was precede…. On Thursday, March 26,Mary Parker loving wife and mother to one child, ….


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