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Sse vs 4k77

Any sort of insight on personal preference or differences between to two, or even which ones are easier to burn to blu ray would be great.

The DNR version currently available brings the film much closer to looking and feeling like a Blu-Ray while still retaining the film print feel, and does a marvelous job at that, but in this regard still no match for the DEs.

What Harmy was able to accomplish with the material he had available at the time is absolutely astonishing though, and the picture clarity of the DEs is much superior to that of the 4K77s. It looks much better though. So if dirt, etc. I say you should get 4K77 though, so you should probably compare the two.

You might be looking at BD50 if you want 4K Jedi is an easier choice for me. This 4K83 DNR v1. Holy crap that trailer for 4K83 looks utterly beautiful!! I appreciate all of the debate though. I appreciate all of your opinions and help. I agree that 4k83 is probably the preferred way to go for that film, especially the later release options. It was such a clean print, you get a really consistent viewing experience.

It has really never looked better than in some of the latest 4k83 versions. These film restorations look as good as many official Blu-ray releases. And the cleanups look better than official ones on the tier of companies like 88 Films, etc. Despecialized has some rough moments, and a couple remaining shots with GOUT elements. But the print has a lot of minor damage. Their cleanup is insanely impressive. But once you get to the second half of the film, there is often noticeable damage on every frame, and some very unfortunate light leaks.

To each their own and all that. Depends what you mean. The optical duplication process effectively boosts contrast at every step, so a projection print 4K77 should look contrast-boosted compared with a negative or IP DeEd. That said, 4K83 keeps it pretty under control somehow, possibly because the source was just better. I tried to watched 4K77 and found it was very choppy on my laptop or on my flash drive which holds gb and is supposed to be good for movies - it was playing on my Panasonic 4K player.

Thoughts on the issue? I watched the Despecialized 2. The only issue I saw was the whites seemed a bit clipped at times - specular highlights in particular. Is there a version which alleviates this?Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Star Wars original Blu ray. Crappier than ever. Location: NYC. The WandererJun 5, Location: St. Encuentro likes this. EncuentroJun 5, Location: Void.

Color grading is up to anybody who feels like doing their own take, but the colors in 4K77 are pretty much how it appeared in theaters and that was the whole idea.

The only problem with 4K77 is what cannot be fixed - film degradation due to age. TakehaniyasubikoJun 5, Location: Texas. Last edited: Jun 5, SamSJun 5, Actually, 4K77 uses multiple sources because there's no one great source in private hands and possibly no longer on this planet, thanks to Lucas screwing it up in the s. The reel with the desert scenes is faded, but it's still the best one which was available. Location: United States Of America. MichaelJun 5, KikoJun 5, Location: Houston, TX.

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Unaltered Original Star Wars Trilogy on Blu Ray?

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Trending Threads. Latest Threads. Move over Harmy's Despecialized Star Wars, it looks like we have a new contender! Thread starter Darknight Start date Jun 1, Forums Discussion EtcetEra Forum. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First Prev 3 of 5 Go to page. BocoDragon Banned. Oct 26, 5, Very happy about this. TAJ Member. Oct 28, 6, I've never pirated a movie or used torrents for anything before, and I haven't looked at Usenet since I've spent a little time trying to get up to speed on this and I'm more confused than when I started.

PyroPaperPlanes Member. Nov 1, 1, What bizarre timing: I was literally just about to download Harmy's Despecialized Versions and just finished downloading my other fan editswhen I saw this thread. I'll definitely check it out. Edit: It hasn't been released yet from what I can tell?A rag tag, fugitive band of rebel scum just spent two years restoring the original, theatrical version of Star Wars… Again. TN1 are not professional film restoration experts, they are just Star Wars fans, like you.

I wanted to show the film to my kids, and I wanted them to see the original version that I enjoyed at their age — not the one with the already dated looking CGI, over saturated colors and a strong magenta tint. We scanned some prints and then used a bunch of off the shelf software to remove as much of the dirt, dust and scratches as we could without going insane. Why, after spending three years on the SSE, would you do the same film again and not move on to Empire or Jedi?

About halfway through the Silver Screen Edition restoration, people started to hear about our project, and offers to lend us prints for scanning came flooding in. Somebody sent us a Technicolor print to scan, and somebody else who had already had one scanned sent us that to work on too.

These were better sources than the LPP print, and at higher resolution. It was tempting to abandon the SSE and start over with the new sources, but ultimately we decided we should finish what we had started, not just to preserve the LPP, but also because of all the experience we would gain and be able to apply to the next project.

Film has a greater contrast range than home video, and of course was graded for viewing, reflected off of a giant silver screen. Star Wars was shot on four different types of film stock, some grainier than others. Kodakan intermediate, probably for composites,a fine grain EI tungsten stock that the live action must have been shot on, andan intermediate used as a separation stock that all visual effects elements were shot on, plus the CRI stock [Magid, Ron.

The Effects, the music, the editing all continued right up to the last possible moment. Some scenes were shot out in the deserts of tunisia, where the sand got into everything including the film stock. Some scenes were also filmed with nylons over the lens, others were not. Scenes filmed outside, particularly in the desert, that are supposed to be only moments apart in the narrative, may actually have been filmed hours or even days apart, with the sun and clouds in constant motion and the lighting conditions changing greatly.

Color correction and film printing back then was a photo-chemical process, so not all of these shots match as perfectly as they might if shot today and corrected using Davinci Resolve, watching the scopes and turning the color wheels. Each element of the shot starfield, X-wing, Y-wing, Tie fighter, laser blast would be shot separately, with the ships against a blue screen. They would be combined by projecting all the images at once onto a new piece of film, a process that often allowed additional dirt, dust and hairs to be baked into the film, softened the image, and added additional layers of grain.

All of these factors mean that scenes filmed on set at Elstree, where Vader and Tarkin are just chatting in a room, are a heck of a lot cleaner, sharper and less grainy than those of R2D2 and C3P0 wandering about in the desert.

Inwhen the film was restored for the Special Edition, many of these issues were fixed — optical wipes were redone on very fine grain film, some of the original shots were recomposited digitally, resulting in no generational loss or added grain, and no need for any garbage mattes.

Well, about frames came from another 4K scan of a different Technicolor print. About frames came from a red faded, Eastman print of Star Wars. The SSE was artificially sharpened, 4K77 was not. SSE Colors will be more consistent for the most part because it was graded shot by shot prior to release, and those colors look more familiar because it was graded to match the home video releases from the s and s.

But to better answer your question:. Why is the bluray still sharper, despite only being scanned and presented in HD? Inthe negative was restored to better than new condition. It then had the optical wipes redone by Pacific Title using the same original elements as they used inbut on finer grain film stock and with newer equipment. Many of the shots were recomposited digitally resulting in none of the generational loss or added grain found in the original version, and no need for any garbage mattes.

The picture was then cleaned, sharpened and further denoised at Lowry Digital. But if you think the film looked like the bluray in theaters init did not.Whether or not any of his CG changes added anything to the film, I found that whenever I saw the updated material it pulled me out of the movie and got me thinking about other non-related stuff like the prequels and even worse the sequels.

However, when you watch the original cut, it feels like you're watching a standalone movie, made 42 years ago for people of that time. It was a totally immersive experience and I was totally wrapped up in the story from start to finish.

Remember : Han didn't shoot first because he never gave Greedo a chance to shoot at all! Yeh i have the original on laserdisc, i never got rid of any of them. Got about 50 movies on laserdisc. But i agree it really is so much better. Harmy's Despecialized Edition is obsolete; it's a re-creation of the theatrical release, not the real thing, and it's low-resolution by today's home video standards.

sse vs 4k77

Team Negative One's 4K77 release is by far the best one out there, and it's also the one that Harmy himself prefers. It is 4K resolution also available in pand more importantly, it's the real thing, i. Most people have no idea how incredible it is that such a thing exists. Back then, people fantasized about someone with access to an original 35mm film print having it scanned in, but it was considered a pipe dream; no one thought it would ever really happen.

On top of that, no company that transfers movie film to video will do it for a copyrighted movie without authorization, unless you're friends with the owner or something, which means you'll need your own movie film scanning equipment, which is very expensive thousands of dollars. Also, you need a lot of hard drives about 20 TB for a raw 4K scan of a 2-hour movie. Beautiful thank you so much. Keep in mind that there are several versions of 4K77, to suit a variety of tastes.

There's a digital noise reduction DNR version and a no-DNR version, and there are ones with different types of color grading. I have the no-DNR version because I love film grain, especially on my projector; it makes it look like I'm watching a real film being projected in a theater.

The DNR versions probably look more like Harmy's Despecialized Editions, because he mainly used the official Blu-rays as the basis for those, and they have quite a bit of DNR, like most official Blu-rays do. I don't see how it could be simply a copy of the true 35mm originals and yet look almost identical Harmys seems the most real to the original theatrical release.

Those film prints are literally the original theatrical releases, i. Harmy's Despecialized Editions are re-creations, not the real thing.

sse vs 4k77

He started with the official Blu-ray releases, re-color graded them, and inserted footage from other sources such as upscaled "GOUT" DVD footage, and in some cases with his newest versions, footage from Team Negative One's 35mm scans to replace footage that had Special Edition changes.

And no, the color grading doesn't look almost identical to the official BD release.Working on exactly that. Will likely be ready when I wake up next. Wooooo… so fun to follow this project for so long and see it finally released! The preview releases just got better and better and the final 1. You can use a free provider like free-usenet. I got as far as making an account installing BinBar, but now it wants a host and a port. Oversimplified version of usenet.

Basically, there are providers out there that have big servers that hold the files, and they hold them for a period of time. The advantage over torrents, it is not peer-to-peer, i. To download a file from Usenet, you need a usenet client like you need a bittorrent client to download a torrent some popular ones are SnelNL, Grabit, Sabnzb, NewsbinPro, Newsleecher etc. You install the software, configure the server settings to match the settings that your Usenet provider supplies you, and set where you want your downloads to go etc.

Then you use a usenet search engine to find the files you want to download. If you have ever downloaded a torrent, you know that typically you download a small. With usenet it is similar, you download a. Donations welcome: paypal. The color is pretty different at times. The video quality is very high compared to the SSE.

Try watch the original cut.

Lower than the blu-ray, but more consistent than Despecialized, and in a small number of shots, higher quality. There are still stray scratches, dirt, etc, here and there. Is this getting posted anywhere other than the spleen?

sse vs 4k77

What a grand and intoxicating innocence. How could you be so naive? There is no escape. Come, lay down your weapons. It is not too late for my mercy.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Star Wars original Blu ray. Crappier than ever. Location: USA.

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Project 4k77 Sources

Location: Torremolinos, Spain. I have Silver Screen v1. It looks very grainy and some scenes are a bit low on detail, bit it's consistent for most of the film, color grading is good IMO and sounds well decoded on Dolby ProLogic II. EddieVanHalenNov 2, Encuentro likes this. Location: Hollywood, USA. VidiotNov 2, Location: Texas. Well it's a momentous day for Star Wars fans.

The 4K77 project is finally complete and available via newsgroups! Better to read the link than have me try to explain what this is I've been watching it over the past 48 hours, and it's quite a treat. My only quibble: the color grading was done "by reel" as opposed to scene-by-scene.

As a result there a few just a few minutes total that have some desaturated color as found on the source Technicolor prints. Last edited: May 20,

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